Yesterday I was a vendor at our local Christmas Market. It is the first and only event I will have a table at this season purely by my choice. 

I added larger dryer balls and woodburned pieces to my inventory and had the best success of any event thusfar. I won't be making a fulltime income from it but for me it was a great boost to the ego.

Before I left I made sure I followed my checklist so I wouldn't forget anything. I also had my newsletter signup sheet (included with checklist) available. Although I didn't get any at-event signups I did get some questions as to what my newsletter was about. That in itself was a sign shoppers were reading what was on my table.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding more handcrafted items to my shop as well as more digital products. In all of my research I continue to do on having a successful shop, I keep finding repeat information. "Have at least fifty listings in your shop." It has been some time since I've had that many listings but I'm working on increasing the numbers.

I'm excited to begin processing more fiber into yarn as I invested in a drum carder earlier this fall. It will cut down on carding time so I can produce more yarn for sale and to make ready-to-ship items from the alpaca yarn.

Watch for more updates, photos and items in the coming weeks. Thanks for visiting my shop and supporting handmade.