What better way to develop an appreciation for  a product than to make and test your own.

Before we went on vacation the second week of June, I made myself a fauxdori (a fabric version of the leather Midori). I added extra elastics, thinking more is better. I do have to say, the size I made works for two A5 notebooks (Leuchtturm1917) and two thinner notebooks. I found it easier to write in the thin notebooks if they were pulled out of the fauxdori, but that's only because of where they were placed. (I shifted them around, and found placing them between the two thicker ones to be better.)

My fauxdori has travelled thousands of kilometres, both land and air. I wrote in it on the plane and while we were visiting family. (One of the thin notebooks was filled during out twelve day vacation to Ontario and Quebec.) The elastic closure works great for keeping it all together, plus allows me to hook a pen inside.

My main reason for using mine is to keep my bullet journal and morning pages together, without them being in the same book. (I've tried that, and it doesn't work well; at least not for me.) The thinner notebooks are for story ideas and brainstorming, which I tend to do a lot of.

Journalling keeps me on track and helps me work through my ideas, so it's only fitting to carry one with me no matter where I go.

If you're a planner and journal-keeper, is a fauxdori something you use (or would like to)?

(Photo credit: Diane Ziomek 2019 - taken and also used as Etsy listing photo.)